Multicutureel Baby exhibition - November 8th, DOK, Delft - CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS !

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Multicutureel Baby exhibition - November 8th, DOK, Delft - CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS !

Post  Anne on Mon 20 Oct 2008 - 22:40

Dear Ladies,
It is on behalf of Lucie that I am posting now, although I fully support, of course, this event and kind of initiative.

On November 8th, from 14h00 to 17h00 there will be in the DOK library in Delft (, a Multicultural baby exhibition, that intends to present typical traditions, objects, songs, pictures etc ... all related to maternity and birth all over the world.
All this material is provided by mothers from foreign origin, bringing objects and experiences, in order to enrich the exhibition ! For this reason, there is a call for volunteer !

Do you still have ceremonial or folk baby clothes (hand-knit clothes by a family member, or their baptism outfit) that can represent your culture? Old- fashioned baby clothes from your grandparentsí or parentsí time can also be interesting to share. Do you have pictures of traditional baby beds, wrapping blankets, textile used to carry children on mother's backs. prams that make you think about your country?

Do you have recommendations for what lullabies would be typical in your home country? Would you be willing to take a survey on traditions in your country related to pregnancy, parties to celebrate the arrival of a new child?

Are you an amateur artist and the themes of pregnancy, families and babies, birth have inspired your artwork? Please tell your friends from all countries to support our efforts and showcase their traditions!

Ladies originating from all over the world, we need your help ! First of all, to provide material, and secondly, to be present that day for the exhibition.
Lucie is doing very hard work on this ! The participation of all will make the event even more interesting, and rich in experience !

If you are willing to help, contact Lucie !
Thanks a lot ! cheers

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thank you to festival's volunteers

Post  LucieC on Sat 8 Nov 2008 - 22:45

Hello I wanted to thank those of you who came and participated to the program by singing or playing music live or helped set up our opening for the festival. You were truly great and the amosphere was friendly and warm.
The snacks that you all made were gone in no time!
Thank you ladies!!!

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