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In nature help for delft MaMa?

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In nature help for delft MaMa? Empty In nature help for delft MaMa?

Post  LucieC on Sat 13 Sep 2008 - 22:26

Hi Ladies, I don' t always feel comfortable asking for resources all the time but we could with some practical help for the organization. Most of our income will get used for our events in October and November and we are also working on a booklet for new parents in Delft for end December.

If you have a color printer, would someone print out one copy of our newsletter so that we can show it when we attend fairs for example? It is incredibly expensive at the printshop and the cost of color ink cartridges is also very high; Before doing so do tell me so that several people don't end up printing the same document!

We were donated a second hand computer (mine was showing serious signs of shutting down forever) by a very generous soul on an expat forum but it came with a very deep monitor and I do not have the room to store keyboard and monitor together and this is quite unhandy. Very fortunately I received a second hand laptop from my family this Summer but I am keeping the other one for a trainee or active volunteer. If you ever know of someone who would like to donate a flat computer screen or sell one very cheaply please have them contact me!

We can use many items for our office if anyone is moving and getting rid of office supplies like paper, folders, binders, etc...


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