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Free for a mum-to-be ! - GONE !

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Free for a mum-to-be ! - GONE ! Empty Free for a mum-to-be ! - GONE !

Post  Anne on Tue 4 Nov 2008 - 10:37

I ladies,
I have at home at the moment, some "medical" items for the delivery (at home, or in the hospital) that might be useful for a mum to be Those are things you usually find in the kraampakket, but I purchased some extra and new I do not need them anymore:
- 2 mattress protection approx 60x60 cm (for during birth or after)
- 2 packs of sanitay towels (maxi/night)
- 1 pack of inlaypads (inlegverband), the same they use in the hospital, very useful for the bleeding after the delivery
- 2 boxes of sterile gauze compresses (approx 30 pieces).

Free for a mum-to-be ! - GONE ! Cimg0010
Free for a mum-to-be ! - GONE ! Cimg0011
Free for a mum-to-be ! - GONE ! Cimg0012

All those are unopened, except the mattress protections (which are not meant to be sterile) and one pack of sanitary towels (one is missing).

Everything is free to whom wants to pass by and pick it up ! I live in the Oostplein, walking distance from the center, just un front of the Oostport.


Edit: It's gone ! Smile

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