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This Saturday - Sinterklaas is coming to Delft

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This Saturday - Sinterklaas is coming to Delft Empty This Saturday - Sinterklaas is coming to Delft

Post  Daniela on Thu 20 Nov 2008 - 16:13

Hello Ladies,

this weekend is a big event in town. Sinterklaas is arriving (from Spain) in Delft with his little helpers the black Pieten. Has anyone of you already be there once? Where is the best place to actually see him going off the boat/ or in the city? (Without beeing crushed by people)

Around 1.p.m. he will arrive at the Oostsingel (close to Tweemolentjeskade), then there is a parade round the city (he's on a horse then) and at the end he gets a welcome greeting from the major at the Markt.

And be aware, if the children are not well behaving, the black Piet (Peter) will take them with them to Spain. Well, as my husband said, "would not be the worst for me, to be brought from the Netherlands to Spain in December!" Very Happy

Here the whole story about Sinterklaas and Piet in English:


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This Saturday - Sinterklaas is coming to Delft Empty Re: This Saturday - Sinterklaas is coming to Delft

Post  LucieC on Thu 20 Nov 2008 - 22:41

Hi Daniela, we usually wait on the Nieuwe Langendijk closer to the bridge. It is very crowded everywhere and older kids get all bored and anious to wait and then the magic occurs and it all falls into place once people can spot the fist swarte pieten and then Americo the white horse and grand looking sinterklaas. sinterklaas goes by very fast so I you want a picture aim fast because he will be gone after your first click! Unless you go to the Beestenmarkt party then he should be there shaking hands with kids and taking pictures for a lon gwhile

I just hope tha it won' t rain then. We are recovering from th eflu.

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