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shoes - a good store

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shoes - a good store Empty shoes - a good store

Post  eszter.kulcsar Tue 10 Nov 2009 - 13:07

Hello Everyone,

Did you already buy wintershoes for your little-ones?
Do you have any recommendations where to buy them?
We checked Albert Nolten, Van Haren and one more in the city centre, but they were either expensive (around 70 euros), or not convenient (with laces or without nose protection).

I know, my son who needs size 26, counts for toddler, so the prices are higher....

Thanks for any idea!

Have a nice day,

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shoes - a good store Empty shoes

Post  LucieC Tue 24 Nov 2009 - 19:47

Hello Ezster,
Have you tried the discount shoestore on the first floor at Zuidpport
It is called Bristol. Much cheaper, selection varies. I used to go to shoe store across from the fancy one at the Hoven passage and find nice reasonaly priced shoes for Loic there but I am not sure if they are still open
YOu need to get shoes a bit big for his size now before all winter shoes run out. The spring collection will come sooner than you can expect it!
Good luck

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shoes - a good store Empty outlet centre

Post  Daniela Tue 24 Nov 2009 - 22:37

Dear Eszter,

this summer I was in the outlet-centre in Lelystad, it is called Bataviastad.

It is a little bit over an hour drive from Delft, but a very nice outlet centre with lots of shoestores. I bought shoes for Maximilian from the brand Geox, really nice shoes for the fall for just 22 Euros! Actually the whole family bought shoes there.

it is also a nice trip to stay for a whole day if you are interested in old ships, since the famous Batavia Wharf is just next to the outlet centre. "The Batavia Wharf is known throughout the world because of the reconstruction of the VOC(Golden Age) vessel Batavia. Now they are building the ship De Zeven ProvinciŽn: a new ship for Michiel de Ruyter. By building true-to-life replicas, they bring history back to life..."
You can walk around the ship and also watch them building the "new" one.

sorry for this late answer, but next spring with new need for shoes will come for sure. Smile

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shoes - a good store Empty Re: shoes - a good store

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